1992, Madrid


The Madrid 1992 Paralympic Games, held 15-22 September immediately after the Barcelona Paralympic Games, were organised exclusively for athletes with an Intellectual Disability. Although the ICC had sanctioned the participation of athletes with an Intellectual Disability in the Barcelona Games, resistance within the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation (ISMGF) and behind-the-scenes political agendas that failed to recognise the legitimacy of these athletes prevented their inclusion at Barcelona. The ICC then sanctioned a separate ‘Games under the Paralympic Flag’. During the week-long event in Madrid, some 1600 athletes from 75 countries competed. Despite this official sanction at the time, the IPC does not officially recognise the competing athletes as Paralympians.

Unique/Special Features:
Although they were prevented from participating in the 1992 Barcelona Games, athletes with an intellectual disability competed for the first time under the Paralympics umbrella in Madrid. Four years later, in Atlanta, these athletes competed alongside other disability groups as fully recognised participants.


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